> Tissue napkin paper machine

This napkin tissue paper machine is used for making square or rectangular serviette napkin paper after color printing, embossing, folding, cutting and electronic counting. Then The napkin tissue paper packaging machine will be used to pack these folded napkin paper into plastic bags.

The napkin paper machine can print two colors, one color or non-color on the paper sheet.Printing and embossing patterns can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

Working video of napkin paper machine:


1. Equipped with timing gear-box transmission;

2. Automatic counting system;

3. Various embossing and printing style for consumer’s choice;

4. Steady working performance, low noise;

5. Easy to operate and maintain;

Technical Parameter
Diameter of raw paper roll ≤Φ1000mm
Core diameter of raw paper roll Φ76.2mm
Finished unfolded size 330×330mm (other size can be customized)
Folded size 165×165mm
Embossing system Steel roller to woolen paper roller
Counting system Electric counting
Drive system Frequency conversion, speed control
Working speed 900pcs/min
Power 4kw 380V, 50HZ, 3PHASE (can be customized)
Dimension(L×W×H) 3120x1570x1220mm
Weight 750kg
Color printing (One or two color)
Heating system
Electronic deviation corrector
Pneumatic jumbo roll feeding system
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