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This machine is used to produce paper angle edge board protector. The finished paper corner board can be used for square or round paper box. Punching function can be added according to customers’ requirement.

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1. Frequency control motor, speed adjustable;

2. Synchronous control system PLC and Servo motor cutting, cutting accuracy is 1000±1MM;

3. Man-machine interface touch screen operation panel, 2 workers are enough for the complete production line;

4. The automatic alarm system ensures the safety of production process;

5. Well known brand key elements make sure the smooth running and long serve life of the machine.

Technical Parameter
1 Paper Corner Specifications Width: 20-100mm
Length: 50-9000mm
Thickness: 2-8mm
2 working speed 40m/min
3 total power 7.5kw+4.3kw
4 control method Programmable logic controller(PLC)
5 raw material top liner paper: 150-220g/m2
Medium paper: 300g-700g/m2
6 cutting method Servo tracking cutting
7 operation workers 1-2 workers
8 Dimension(L×W×H) 4700x840x1400mm
9 working space: (L×W) 27x3m
10 Main machine weight 2260kg
11 Total weight 4322kg
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