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This complete box facial tissue paper production line includes three parts: jumbo roll tissue paper slitting machine, facial tissue paper folding machine and facial tissue paper box packing machine.

(1) The jumbo roll tissue paper slitting machine is used to slit jumbo roll tissue paper in to smaller width and diameter, which can be used on facial tissue paper folding machine.

(2) The facial tissue folding machine is used to fold facial tissue, its shape is rectangular and cross folding by V shape.

(3) Facial tissue paper box packing machine is used to packing and sealing facial tissue paper in carton boxes.

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1.vacuum suction;

2.automatic counting and sub-stack system;

3.steady working performance and low noise;

4.precise counting;

5.Lower power consumption;

Technical Parameter
Max width of raw tissue roll 600mm
Max diameter of mother tissue roll Φ1100mm
Core diameter of mother tissue roll Φ76.2mm
Size of finished folded tissue 200x100mm(other size is available)
Working speed 1200pcs/min
Embossing system Steel roller to wool paper roller
Vacuum system 7.5kw Roots ventilator
Total power 5.5+7.5kw 3phrase, 380V, 50HZ
Dimension 3000x1400x1700mm
Weight 2200kg
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