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Brief Introduction

This toilet paper machine mainly has three parts: jumbo roll toilet paper rewinding machine, bandsaw cutting machine and packing machine. It is used to make small toilet paper rolls from jumbo roll toilet tissue paper. We supply customers the complete set of toilet paper machine with free spare parts. Besides, the raw material like jumbo roll toilet tissue paper and paper cores can be delivered together with machines so that customers can start to make profit as soon as they receive the machine.

The toilet paper rewinding machine is fully automatically embossing, perforating and rewinding toilet paper roll. The embossing roller patterns can be choosen or designed by customers. The toilet paper rewinder adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulator and Chinese-English HIM operation system, which is highly efficient and very easy to operate. The bandsaw cutter and packing machine are semi automatic, which have the advantage of small footprint, low cost and easy operation. The whole production line only need 4 workers in total. This toilet paper machine is an ideal choice for starting a small business.


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Technical Parameter
Machine Model 1092 1575 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800
Width of material jumbo roll (mm) 1200 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800
Finished Products Diameter Φ80~120mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished Products Inner core Diameter Φ32~60 mm
Material Jumbo roll diameter (mm) Φ1200 (Other sizes please point out)
Jumbo Roll Inner core Diameter Φ76.2 mm(other sizes please point out)
Perforation distance (mm) 4 blade,90~160mm; 2 blade,180~320mm;
Production speed 160-200 m/minute
Operation System Touching-screen Multi-menu Man-machine Interface Operation System
Controller PLC program
Mechanical driving Driven by stepless regulator to guarantee the precise length of final products.
Air compressed system 3HP air compressor, minimum pressure: 0.5Mpa
Power 4kw-10kw (380V 50Hz)
optional items
Embossment Single embossment, Double embossment, Edge embossment
Embossing system 3 options: Paper roller to steel roller, rubber roller to steel roller, steel roller to steel roller
Jumbo roll stander 1-3 plies
Rewinding unit Core or coreless
Other special request for machine is welcome
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