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The toilet tissue paper rewinding machine is usually used with log saw cutting machine and paper roll packing and sealing machine. This fully automatic toilet roll production line is used to make well packed small toilet tissue roll from jumbo parent paper roll.

toilet tissue paper rewinding machine the toilet tissue paper rewinding machine can rewind jumbo paper roll into various small diameters without changing its width.
Log saw cutting machine the log saw toilet roll cutting machine can cut the rewinded toilet toll into various widths. the output paper roll is ready for plastic sealing machine.
toilet paper roll packaging sealing machine the toilet paper packing sealing machine can seal the plastic package of small toilet tissue roll. the finished product is well packaged and ready for sale.
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1. Automatic log pusher after rewinding.

2. Automatic edge-trimming, glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time. Leaving 10 - 18 mm paper tail, easy to rewind again, so reducing shortcut waste and save the cost.

3. Adopts advanced PLC programming controlling techniques, and man-machine interaction operation, date set and parameters fault shows on touch screen.

4. Adopts 4 pieces high precision spiral knife, low noise, clear perforation, adopt gearbox to have bigger range.

5. Three horizontal type back stands, pneumatic loading system, with wide driving flat belts, each jumboo roll can be adjusted independently.

6.Embossing device: Steel to wool roller.

7. Use front and back jog switches to pull the base paper, making operation easier and safer.

Technical Parameter
Machine Model 1092 1575 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800
Width of jumbo roll (mm) 1200 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 3000
Finished Toilet Roll Diameter 80~120mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished Toilet Roll Inner Diameter 32~60 mm
Jumbo roll diameter (mm) 1200 (Other sizes please point out)
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter 76.2 mm(other sizes please point out)
Perforation distance (mm) 4 blade,90~160mm; 2 blade,180~320mm;
Production speed 160-200 m/minute
Parameter set Touching-screen HMI Operation System
Controller PLC program
Mechanical driving AC frequency converter, stepless speed regulation
Air pneumatic system 3 Pa (air-compressor), the minimum pressure 5kg/cm2 pa (prepared by buyer)
Power 4kw-10kw (380V 50Hz)
Chosen items (Should be ordered separately)
Embossment Single embossment, Double embossment, Edge embossment
Embossment down roller Rubber roller, steel roller
Jumbo roll stander 1-3 plies
Rewinding unit Core or coreless
Other special request for machine is welcome
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