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This toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel paper packaging machine can be used to pack and seal single roll toilet paper or kitchen towel into plastic or paper bag fully automatically. The package size can be customized according to customers’ requirement. This machine is often used in high-end toilet paper or kitchen towel paper product production, which needs individual package before mulitple package.

Here is the working video of this toilet paper packing machine:


1. Adopting PLC system to reduce the mechanical contact,lower system failure rate and make the operation more stable and reliable.

2. Automatically stop when there is no incoming material, and automatically start packaging when there is incoming material.

3. The mechanical structure is very simple, and the maintenance is very convenient.

4. Man-machine interface: all the digital settings can be input or changed directly on the screen.

5. Pillow + end seal treatment on both sides to achieve beautiful and neat packaging effect.

Technical Parameter

Packing ability

50-100 bags/min

Packing specification

Length: 70-400mm;

Width: 32-200mm;

Height: 5-120mm.

Packaging machine

5.75kw, single-phase 220v

Total weight


Packing materials

PVC, OPP, CPP Shrink film, etc

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