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Toilet Paper Machine

The toilet paper machine is used to make small bathroom toilet paper rolls from jumbo roll tissue paper. The complete production line includes jumbo roll tissue paper rewinding machine, bandsaw cutter, packing machine and air compressor. The 1092mm model is the smallest model we supply, which can be used to process jumbo roll tissue paper less than 1200mm in width. Besides this model, we also supply other models of toilet paper machine, like 1575mm, 1880mm, 2200mm, 2880mm, 3000mm etc.

Tissue Napkin Machine

The tissue napkin paper machine is for making square or rectangular napkin paper, facial tissue. The parent roll which have been slit into desired width, will be folded into finished napkin paper. The napkin paper machine can print two colors, one color or non-color on the paper sheet. Logo printing and pattern embossing function can be added according to customers’ requirement.

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The embossing device mainly includes embossing rollers and frame. The embossing roll is a combination of two rolls, with steel-to-steel, steel-to-rubber, or steel-to-wool paper rolls. The paper passes through the embossing rollers of the toilet tissue paper machine, and the patterns on the embossing rollers are printed on the paper by the extrusion between the embossing rollers.

There are two kinds of embossing of toilet paper, one is that the whole toilet tissue paper is embossed, and the other is that only the two sides of the toilet tissue paper are embossed.


1.Add some patterns on the toilet tissue paper to make it more attractive to customers;

2.Make the toilet tissue paper which has several layers not easy to loose;

3.Enhance water absorption;

4.Increase friction and fluffiness of paper;

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