Complete Set Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Processing Machine Line

21 Oct , 2023

The toilet paper processing machine is used to make small toilet paper rolls from jumbo roll tissue paper. Finished toilet paper product is well packaged and ready to be sold. A complete set toilet paper processing machine line includes 4 parts: jumbo roll tissue paper rewinding machine, toilet paper roll cutting machine, toilet paper roll packing machine and air compressor system.

This is a fully automatic type toilet paper processing machine line. It is labor saving, highly efficient and highly productive. The whole line needs only one worker to operate.

1.The jumbo roll tissue paper rewinding machine has the functions of automatic rewinding, embossing and perforating toilet tissue paper, pneumatic loading jumbo roll, automatic cutting and gluing paper tail, automatic pushing finished paper log. It is equipped with PLC controller and English touch screen HMI operation panel, which is very easy to operate.

2.Automatic toilet paper roll band saw cutting machine is used to cut rewinded toilet paper log into ideal length. It is automatic sharpening blade.

3.Automatic single toilet paper roll wrapping machine is used to pack toilet paper roll individually into plastic bag. Finished toilet paper product is beautiful and hygiene.

4.The multiple toilet paper rolls packaging machine is used to pack certain numbers of single rolls into one big plastic bag. This machine needs only one worker to put bags and press button.

Besides the full automatic toilet paper machine line, we also provide semi automatic toilet paper machine line and other toilet tissue paper processing machines. If you are interested, please contact us now or send us inquiry.

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