Serviette Tissue Napkin Paper Making Machine

03 Apr , 2023

The complete Serviette Tissue Napkin Paper production line include 4 parts: jumbo roll tissue paper slitting machine, automatic serviette napkin paper folding machine, serviette napkin paper packing machine and air compressor.

Here is the serviette napkin paper production process:

1.Jumbo roll tissue paper slitting machine is used to slit jumbo roll tissue into smaller width tissue roll, which can be used as raw material for serviette napkin paper folding machine.

Here is the working video of jumbo roll tissue paper slitting machine:

2.Serviette napkin tissue paper folding machine has the functions of fully automatic color printing, embossing, folding, cutting and counting. It is equipped with PLC control system and HMI operation panel, which is super easy to operate. The color printing and embossing patterns can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

200-400mm models serviette napkin paper machine are available, which means the folded size of finished napkin tissue paper can be 100mm*100mm-200mm*200mm, unfolded size can be 200mm*200mm-400mm*400mm.

About color printing design, 1-4 colors printing serviette napkin paper machines are available.

Other parts, such as folding fingers, electronic deviation corrector, electronic heating device, pheumatic jumbo roll loading system, extra embossing system etc. can be added according to customers’ requirement.

Here is the working video of 330mm model serviette napkin paper machine:

3.Serviette napkin paper packing machine is used to pack and seal folded serviette napkin papers into plastic bags. This machine is semi automatic napkin paper packing machine, which needs one worker to operate.

Here is the working video of the serviette tissue napkin paper packing machine:

4.Air compressor is used to supply compressed air for all the three machines above.

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