High Speed Spiral Paper Tube Core Making Machine

07 Nov , 2022

This full automatic high speed spiral paper tube core making machine is used to make paper tubes with inner diameter 40-400 mm and wall thickness 1-20 mm. It mainly includes paper roll rack, glue adding system, spiral paper tube core winding machine, auto cutting system and air compressor system.

Finished paper tube core sample:

1. Paper roll rack-manpower saving design. Ply of paper: 3-21 ply.

2. Glue adding system-automatic glue feeding system with pneumatic diaphragm pump.

3. Spiral paper tube core winding machine-PLC controller and HMI operation panel.

4. auto cutting system-automatic photoelectric paper tube core cutting system.

5. air compressor system.

The working video of high speed paper tube core making machine:

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