> Paper tube core machine

This machine is used for making paper straws. It mainly includes six parts: the paper feeding part, glue station, straw winding machine, blade cutting part, infrared dryer machine and straw collector.

The finished drinking straws can be used in hotels, coffee house, milk tea shop, food shop, family parties etc.


1.Adapt PLC and HMI, the paper straw machine is super easy to operate.

2.Use good quality electrical parts from global famous brands. The straw making machine has long service life.

3.Have stainless steel body and protection cover. The finished paper straws are clean and safe.

4.Equipped with Infrared dryer machine to improve the dryness and hardness of paper straws.

5.10 blades cutting system ensure the high productivity. It is convenient to adjust the cutting distance with these air cylinders.

6.Have 5 sets servo motors to adjust the speed of feeding paper, straw mold and roller. Therefore, the straw machine can work stably and accurately in high speed.

7.Equipped with automatic paper changing system. This paper straw making machine can change feeding paper roll without stopping.

8.Updated glue station with fixed angle and glue heating equipment.

9.Machine test, field installation, commissioning and training service are available.

10.1 Year warranty and lifelong technical support.

Technical Parameter
item parameter
Paper layer 3-4layers
Inner diameter of paper straw 6-12mm
Wall thickness of paper straw 0.07-0.15mm
Cutting Length 120mm-1600mm
Stable speed 60-70 m/min
Cutting model Ten Blades
Cutting system Servo motor synchronous tracking, multi knife cutting
Gluing type Single and double side
workers 1-2 persons
Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz (can be customized)
Air requirement Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa Consumption ≥0.2m³/min
Total power 13 kw
Machine weight 1600 kg
Operating area 4000*8500mm*1500mm
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