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The complete paper tube core production line mainly includes three machines: jumbo roll kraft paper slitting machine, paper core making machine and paper core cutting machine.

(1)The jumbo roll kraft paper slitting machine is used to slit jumbo roll kraft paper into small rolls, which can be used on paper tube core winding machine.

(2)This spiral paper core winding machine can make paper cores from kraft paper rolls. The jumbo paper roll have been slit into small width and diameter. This machine can coat glue on paper and rotate it into paper cores. Finished paper cores specification: inner diameter: 20-120mm, wall thickness: 0.5-8mm.

This paper core machine is equipped with PLC and English HMI touch screen operation panel, which needs only 1 worker and is very easy to operate. In addition, this machine has a cutting device and the cutting length can be set by customers.

(3)The paper core cutting machine is used to cut long paper cores into smaller length.

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