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This spiral paper tube making machine can make paper tubes from kraft fluting paper rolls. The paper rolls have been slit into small width and diameter. This machine can coat glue on paper and rotate it into paper tubes. This paper tube machine is equipped with photoelectric sensor cutting device, and the cutting length can be set easily.

The spiral paper tube machine can produce the following paper cores and paper tubes: inner diameter: 20-120mm; wall thickness: 0.5-8mm.

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Technical Parameter
Operate worker 1--2 people
Paper layer 3--12 layers(can be adjustable)
Wall thickness 1--8mm(can be adjustable)
Roller diameter 12--125mm(can be changed)
Roller speed 1--18m/min
Length of paper core can be adjustable
Speed control Frequency conversion + PLC
Host power 5.5kw
Auxiliary power 0.75kw
Gluing way Single side gluing + double side gluing
Fixed-length way Single infrared ray+positioning baffle
Winding head double head single belt decoration
Cutting way synchronous tracking, single knife cutting
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