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Brief Introduction:

The tissue paper machines required by most of our customers are napkin tissue paper making machine and small tissue paper roll making machine.

1. Napkin Tissue Paper Making Machine
Napkin serviette paper folding making machine: making square or rectangle napkin paper, facial tissue. Automatically embossing, folding, cutting and counting napkin paper.

The picture napkin paper folding machine:

2. Small Tissue Roll Making Machine

The complete set of small tissue toilet paper roll machine also including three machines:

(1) Jumbo roll tissue paper rewinding machine: rewinding parent roll into small rolls with desired diameter.

(2) Toilet roll cutting machine: cutting long toilet paper log rolls into small length.

(3) Toilet rolls packing machine: packing and sealing toilet paper rolls in plastic bags.

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1.Fully automatic machines with PLC and HMI, very easy to operate.

2.All the necessary parts are included, free wearable spare parts.

3.Various embossing styles for consumer’s choice. Embossing pattens can be designed according to customers requirement.

4.Work steadily ,low noise;

5.Raw material can be shipped with machines;

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