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The log saw cutter is used to automatically and continuously cut toilet tissue products, such as facial tissues and toilet rolls. The whole machine adopts servo drive technology and frequency conversion speed regulation, which enhances the stability of paper cutting, and improves the cutting accuracy. The cutting length can be adjusted arbitrarily within the allowable range of the machine. the angle of the grinding wheel is fixed to ensure the quality of sharpening. The sharpening place is equipped with a dust suction device to suck away the dust and cool down the blade.


1. toilet paper production line: toilet paper rewinding machine—log saw cutter—packing and sealing machine

2. facial tissue production line: facial tissue folding machine—log saw cutter—packing and sealing machine

We can supply you the complete production line with all the necessary equipments.

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Technical Parameter
Model XT1L XT2L
Capacity 20-120cuts/min*1L 20-120cuts/min*2L
Min. Length of Raw Material 500mm
Diameter of Cutting Blade Φ610mm
Finished Product Size Length: 30-350mm
Width: 40-110mm
Height: 30-130mm
Triming Size 20-60mm
Voltage 380V 3Phase 50Hz
Power 11KW
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Machine Size 4600*1700*2500mm
Machine Weight 2500-2800kg
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