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the napkin tissue folding machine is used to make well embossed and folded napkin paper. the size and embossing pattern can be designed according to clients’ requirements. This Napkin Paper Machine is used to produce napkin paper with high capacity ,fast speed and stable running.

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1. Automatic counting, entire column, convenient for packing

2. Folding place Positioning reliable,unified shaping size

3. We can make different specification model by customer’s requirement

4. Steel to wool roller embossing ,the pattern is clear and various.

5. Color printing function is also available

Technical Parameter
finished products unfolded size (mm) 230×230-430×430
folded size (mm) 115×115-215×215±2 width adjustable
raw material diameter (mm) ≤Ø1100
machine speed 0-160m/min
core size of jumbo roll Ø76mm (other size are available)
bottom embossing roll felt roll, rubber roll, paper roll
counting electronic counting
power 2.2-4kw
dimension (l×w×h)(mm) 3150×800×1600
weight 1050-2000kg
power frequency conversion speed regulator
transmission system timing belt, gear-box
calendering steel to steel, steel to rubber
bottom embossing roll felt roll, rubber roll, paper roll, steel roll
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