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This machine can make the paper tube by parallel winding, it can produce paper tube with width:1600mm, inner diameter:400mm. This machine include jumbo paper roll stand, frame, glue system, paper guiding system, cutting part and paper tube winding part.

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Technical Parameter
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1 Inner diameter of finished tube Φ400mm
2 Length of finished tube 1600mm
3 Wall thickness 10mm(max: 50mm)
4 Width of material paper roll 1600mm
5 Production capacity 200-300pcs/8hours
6 Speed control Inverter speed control
7 Control system PLC control
8 Input operation screen Human-computer interface touch screen
9 Cutting method Automatic
10 Total Power 8kw
11 Brake system Pneumatic disc brake
12 Compression style Pneumatic
13 Frame Welding by carton steel plate, thickness: 30mm.
14 Paper feeding Pneumatic feeding
15 Glue tank 2sets, material: Stainless steel
16 Finished tube collection Automatic
17 dimension 3600x3000x1800mm
18 weight 3100kg
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