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The single blade paper core tube cutting machine is used to cut 3 inch – 6 inch paper tubes. It adopts manual tube loading, automatic cutting, and automatic tube discharge method, which is fast and efficient. The finished paper tubes can be used for thread roll core, tapes tube, firework tubes etc.

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Technical Parameter
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1 Tube inner diameter Φ76mm, Φ152mm
2 Raw tube length Max 2000mm
3 Cutting length Adjustable
4 Wall thickness 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 15mm Max 20mm
5 Cutting method Pneumatic cutting
6 Control system Servo motor and digital control
6 Core feeding style Manual
7 Motor power Main motor: 3kw; Servo motor: 2kw; 380V, 3Phrase, 50HZ
8 Dimension 3000x900x1300(L*W*H)
9 Weight 900kg
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