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Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Bandsaw Cutter Machine

Band-saw Paper cutting machine can automatically cut toilet tissue roll(which is rewinded into desired diameter) into different length. Which is an important paper process machine.

The equipment is controlled by PLC program, touch screen human﹣ computer interface. The precise servo controls feed length. electromechanical integration control and other international advanced technology can automatically detect each key action. It also has good fault information prompt system, make the whole production line achieve the best working state.


(1)easy to operate and maintain;

(2)low noisy;

(3)power saving;

(4)cutting paper neatly;

(5)automatic blade sharper;

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Technical Parameter
Cutting length ≦250mm
Cutting diameter 60-130mm
Log length ≦2000mm and ≦3000mm
Cutting speed 80~100cuts/min
Cutting log channel single channel
Cutting blade band saw blade
Cutting blade size 3750x60x0.6mm
Tolerance ±1mm
Power supply 5kw, 3phase, 380V, 50HZ
Machine weight 1000KG
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