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Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine

the bandsaw toilet roll cutter can cut the rewinded toilet toll into various widths. the output paper roll is ready for plastic sealing machine.The fully automatic band saw can be connected with toilet paper rewinding machine. The toilet paper log roll will be automatically transferred and cut.

Toilet Paper Roll Making Process:

Toilet paper rewinding machine—bandsaw cutter—packing and sealing machine

We can supply you the complete production line with all the necessary equipments.

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Technical Parameter
Name Fully auto toilet paper roll bandsaw cutter
Cutting length 90mm-180mm
Blade length 3880mm
Blade width 52mm
Cutting roll diameter Φ80-180mm
Working speed 70-100 cuts/min
Power 4.5kw
Dimension (L×W×H) 3.7×2.2×1.8m
Weight 1500kg
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