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Fully Automatic log saw cutter

This machine is mainly used for automatic cutting facial tissue paper and toilet paper rolls. it can reduce the workers and effectively improve production efficiency, reduce the produce cost, and the line is very easy to operate, lower repair cost, and easy to manage,it has failures tracing and alarm system. failure will be found and settled easy, it’s effective to protect machine, reduce the loss.


1. toilet paper production line: toilet paper rewinding machine—log saw cutter—packing and sealing machine

2. facial tissue production line: facial tissue folding machine—log saw cutter—packing and sealing machine

We can supply you the complete production line with all the necessary equipments.

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Technical Parameter
Name toilet tissue paper log saw cutting machine
Max diameter of base paper roll 1600mm
Machine Speed 0-100 cuts/min
Cutting Length 100-210mm
Grinding System Automatic feeding grinding for circular knife, pneumatic sharpening
Power 11kw
Voltage 380V 50-60Hz
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