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This fully automatic toilet tissue paper rewinding machine is mainly used with bandsaw cutter and packing machine to make small bathroom toilet paper rolls. The toilet paper rewinding machine includes unwinding section, embossing section, perforating section. It is also equipped with advanced PLC controlling system and HMI operation panel, which is very easy to operate and manpower-saving.

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Technical Parameter
Model 1800mm
Power 7.5 kw
Max width of base paper roll 1800mm
Max diameter of base paper roll 1100mm
Max diameter of finished paper roll 150mm
Core diameter of finished roll Φ35-50mm(adjustable)
Perforating pitch 100-120mm(adjustable)
Perforating style Spiral perforating blade (double blade)
Working Speed 110-180mm (adjustable)
Control system Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Alarm system & Remote control Yes
Jumbo roll stands 3 jumbo roll stands; can rewind paper with 3ply
Dimension 6500mmx3800mmx1500mm
Weight 6.2 tons
Core dropping With automatic core dropping system
Function Rewinding,embossing,perforating and laminating.
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