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Brief Introduction:

The complete toilet paper roll production line mainly includes 3 machines: toilet paper rewinding machine, toilet paper roll cutting machine and toilet paper roll packaging machine.

(1) Toilet paper rewinding machine can rewind jumbo toilet paper roll into various small diameters without changing its width. The diameter and tightness of finished toilet rolls can be easily adjusted by change the settings on control panel, and output paper rolls are ready for cutter. This toilet paper rewinder adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, which can running stably while customers change its speed. It also has PLC system and a Human Machine Interface control panel so that one person can operate it very easily.

(2) Toilet paper roll cutting machine is used to cut long toilet paper roll into small length, which is easy to carry and use.

(3) At last, the toilet paper rolls will be packed in single or multiple packages on a toilet paper roll packaging machine.

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1. Pneumatic loading jumbo toilet paper rolls.

2. Point to point embossing, patterns are clear and beautiful.

3. Perforating function enable people to tear the paper easily.

4. PLC control and HMI operation panel, simple to operate.

5. All the necessary equipment and spare parts will be included, like glue tank and air compressor.

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